Has The Recession Already Ended?

Signs of the economy improving are all around. I read an article in Business Week Magazine about the positive things some companies are saying privately. Read that story HERE. Also, I understand Pepsi sales are up again. Prior to this people were drinking more water. (I guess one trade off for the economy improving is that we can hear again all the reports telling us that we need to drink more water.) That may be more significant than at first glance. Pepsi products are mostly an inexpensive “luxury” item. People don’t have to buy Pepsi. Are people starting to buy things again just because they want them? I seem to read encouraging articles about the economy everyday now.

With my background in business and having experienced stressful times with the economy myself, I frequently ask the business people in my church how things are going in their industry. In my own “research” lately I have heard a more pleasant tone from most of them and even a few enthusiastic replies. I hope this is a trend.

Since government economic numbers lag real time, we were technically in this current recession before we knew it. My prediction is that we will find months from now that the recession has already officially ended by this point and the recovery has slowly begun. I wish the national media would start to report all the upturn news more, besides just the stock market’s recent gain. (Keep in mind, unemployment may actually get worse before they get better, but all these other factors will increase first.)

The real key to economic recovery, however, will be the individual consumer’s response. People must feel better about things for their own situation. Are you personally starting to feel better about the economy?

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