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I have asked our staff to evaluate me.  Using Google documents, I set up group for our staff and me and then placed a document in the group just for this evaluation.  I then invited the staff to participate.  They can either add their responses to the document or copy and past them in a Word document, add their answers and print them and put it in my mailbox.  I want them to be able to complete this anonymously.

Here is what I posted.  I will let you know their responses in the next few weeks, good and bad. (unless they cuss a lot!)


Please answer honestly, constructively, and respectfully.  I’m not looking to feel bad about myself; I’m looking for ways to improve my leadership at Grace.

  1. What is my expertise? What do you sense I do well?
  2. What is my greatest weakness or what is an area in which I need improvement?
  3. What do you wish I did more of?
  4. If you had my job, what would you do differently?
  5. Do you feel I have your best interest at heart?
  6. Am I approachable?
  7. What would you like to say to me, but you haven’t for whatever reason?


I have to admit, I will be nervous opening the responses, but I really do want their honest reaction.

Leaders, do you allow those following your leadership to evaluate you?  Also, feel free to evaluate yourself, based on these same questions.  Heck, you can evaluate me too if you want!

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