One Principle of Leadership Leaders Must Understand

One principle of leadership:

Not everyone will agree with you and/or even like you.  If you lead anything, someone will disagree with your decisions and you will divide people into different opinions.  (There has never been a president with 100% approval ratings.) Leaders must be prepared to lead towards the vision of the organization, even when it means losing approval ratings. 

The only way to avoid this is to never lead.  If you are someone who needs people to agree with you or who relishes popularity more than your desire to make hard decisions and do the right thing for the organization, then I suggest you choose something other than leadership in which to invest your energies.  

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One thought on “One Principle of Leadership Leaders Must Understand

  1. I think this is incredibly critical to recognize. So often, we find leaders who want to find that happy ground among everyone. While nice, it is sometimes motherhood and apple pie. What is more important is understanding the risk/reward of the decision and making the decision knowing that you can stand behind it when things get really tough.