One Piece of Advice for Parents

If I had to give one piece of advice to parents, especially dads, it would be that you live an honest life in front of your children.  I have witnessed too many parents, dads especially, who try to impress their children with their skills or their strength.  They try to convince their children they are never afraid or have all the answers.  They hide past mistakes and present themselves as having figured out life’s struggles. 

The problem with that is obvious.  First, children are smarter than that and they recognize the lie being portrayed in front of them. Second, they miss the opportunity to learn from the struggles of their parents.  Third, they are prone to repeat this pattern with their children.

Children need and are seeking authentic parenting.  Live honestly in front of your kids!  Give them something to aim for, live a life in front of them worth aspiring to someday, but don’t be afraid to let them see you aren’t perfect and don’t hide from them your past.  

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