Message of Encouragement for Your Fear and Worry

By February 20, 2009Encouragement, Faith, Fear
Ron Edmondson

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  • Dawna McGee says:

    In December my life changed and not in a good way. My job put in place a new manager who is young, mean spirited, and arrogant. The other employee left. I stayed and it was just me and her. It's now April and I've been miserable for months. I have prayed and prayed on it. Yesterday yet again she begins to come down on me because on my way out the door I called my children to tell them I would be a little late. I became full of anxiety again, something I have suffered with for years. I prayed on my way home, quiet and alone in my van. I prayed to God that I was afraid of leaving and going to a new job or through a temp agency that I wouldn't be able to provide for my family. I asked him to please speak to me quickly. I was sitting on my bed at home still praying on it and my husband walked in with the mail. I received my monthly devotional book from Dr. Stanely's organization and the first page I read said:" won't you go out in faith, and just trust God?" I believe that at that moment God spoke to me to stop being afraid make a change of my job to restore peace and happiness to go to work everyday and just trust him to provide.

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