Esther was willing to risk her life to save a group of people….after a word of encouragement from her cousin Mordecai. Moses was willing to continue to lead the Israelites……after his father-in-law encouraged him to delegate. Paul was willing to proceed in ministry…….after Barnabas encouraged Paul by welcoming him. There are numerous examples in the Bible and in life where the encouragement of another was the motivation to endure and succeed.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of encouragement; centering my thoughts on two questions. First, who am I encouraging; and, second, who is encouraging me?

Who am I encouraging?
Who is God placing in my path who needs that one word of encouragement to take the next steps of obedience to God? Who in my life needs to know they have what it takes, with God’s power, to live out the call God has on their life? Who do I need to remind that their current struggles can and will be mightily used by God to achieve a greater purpose? Am I openly seeking opportunities to invest in other people to encourage them in their life path?

Who is encouraging me?
It’s easy to become overwhelmed in ministry. Always pouring my life into other people sometimes leaves me feeling empty. From experience I know that I must be positioning myself in a way that allows others to encourage me. That sometimes means I have to bear my burdens to those outside the church, but I cannot escape this vital part of my life. I need encouragement too. We all do. (You do too!)

Ask yourself the questions I’ve been wrestling with lately? Who are you encouraging? Who is encouraging you?

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2 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. One more comment from me before bed! I was just looking at your blog roll and see that you read Ragamuffin Soul!! Carlos and I (and his wife Heather and my husband Frank) went to college and church together in California! He was our worship pastor before we moved here and then they moved to ATL. Amazing family! Small world! :o)